Nvidia Increases Market Share


According to the Steam Hardware Survey, Nvidia continues to gain GPU market share over its competitor AMD. RTX 30 series GPUs hold a whopping 7.75% of computers using Steam in August of 2021, when the RX 6000 series holds just 1.72%.

Now, this could in part be due to supply shortages. AMD has Microsoft and Sony as clients for their console divisions, and that could be taking materials away from RX 6000 series card production. Overall, however, it appears that Nvidia was able to get more of their product to market faster.


Nvidia’s RTX 20 series GPUs hold 16.09% of the total market share according to the survey, while RX 5000 series GPUs hold 1.90% (as of August 2021). These numbers represent a trend for previous generation cards as well, with the GTX 10 series GPUs being used in a massive 26.54% of total computers in this survey. RX 500 and Vega Series GPUs hold 4.77%, so it is clear that Nvidia has always held superiority in this market.

We may see AMD continue to creep up on Nvidia in the future as supply continues to improve, but at this moment it still seems like 30 series GPUs will be far more common than their RX 6000 series counterparts.

Overall, AMD and Nvidia make up 75% of the DirectX12 GPU share, which points to a classic duopoly in this sector. The RTX 3070 continues to be the most popular card in Nvidia’s 30 series lineup for consumers, but the RTX 3060 is quickly catching up and will (likely) soon surpass its big brother in becoming the most popular card. Some have predicted the 3060 will take over market share from the GTX 10 series cards and become the most popular card in gaming PCs for years to come.


Demand for GPUs continues to be high no matter the SKU or manufacturer, and it will be very interesting to see the latest generation of cards continue to gain market share on the Steam Hardware Survey.

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