Selling Basics

Selling on PC swaps is meant to be an easy and as simple as possible. Once you have created an account with PC swaps you are able to list items for sale. To list an item simply take pictures of your product, fill in the required fields such as part name, brand, model, condition, and description. Enter a title, price, and the dimensions and weight of what you’re shipping and then list!

We will notify you with any offers or sales you make. Once you accept an offer or your item is bought at full price, we collect the money and put it on hold. We will provide you with a shipping label to print from our site. After that, all you need to do is ship the item to cash in!

Once your item is shipped, we update the seller when the item is in transit and delivered. After the buyer accepts the item as advertised, we release the money to you to be cashed out to your bank account!