Windows 11: Feature Breakdown

windows 11

Windows 11 has been officially announced, and there are some large updates to cover. If you are signed up as a Windows Insider, you can try an early version of the new OS as soon as June 29th.


The operating system will be a free upgrade for anyone who has a prior version of Windows. Users will need to be sure they support it on their hardware. The company is following Apple, who stopped charging for their operating system upgrades in 2013 with OS X Mavericks.

Start Menu

The new OS will feature an updated start menu. It will appear by default in the middle of the screen instead of to the left as it has been in prior releases. Users will still have the option to switch the position to the left if they prefer.


Windows 10 featured snapping elements, such as being able to resize windows by moving it to the left/right/or top of the screen. Windows 11 will build upon this by allowing to resize windows by hovering over the top bar of the selected application.

Other Features

Windows 11 will also feature improvements to help the overall UX. These features will include remembering docking preferences, such as windows positioned on external monitors. If the dock or monitor is disconnected, it will automatically minimize windows. The OS will restore them when it is plugged back in. Microsoft Teams will also be better integrated into the taskbar. Windows Widgets will also play a more prominent role in this new operating system.

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