Windows 11, available October 5th


Windows 11 will be released on October 25th, 2021. This new operating system from Microsoft will feature many updates to its visual appearance, as well as an updated user experience. One of the most notable changes is to the taskbar, which will now be centered by default instead of the left side as it was in Windows 10.

windows 11

Courtesy of, Microsoft Windows.

Windows 11 Release Info

The official release is on the 5th of October. However, the company has been rolling out the OS for the past few months. They have released early builds and monitoring results. After being announced, many were excited for the new changes but also nervous with the new requirements.

Secure Boot is a new feature being included, which will prevent malicious software from loading when the OS starts up.  A TPM (trusted platform module) is required for systems running Windows 11, and it will allow an integrated cryptographic key to be utilized. Some older hardware will be excluded from the new update, requiring a 64 bit architecture processor that is eighth-generation or newer for Intel CPUs and Ryzen 3 or newer for AMD (via ComputerWorld). 4GB of RAM or higher will also be required, and 64 GB of storage. The TPM was a shock to some in the DIY world. Many motherboards did not have it installed but supported it. The good news is, a TPM 2.0 (which is required) costing under $15 before the announcement. While prices rose due to the requirement, they will likely fall and continue to as more manufacturers enter the sector.

Latest News

Windows insiders now have access to the build that is going public in just under two weeks, which is known as build 22000.194 which contains the final stages of development for the OS. It does not appear that there will be any other major changes made, with small bug fixes coming in the immediate future. Feel free to check out Windows 11 today, or look forward to the official release day.

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