Tips for Sellers

Positive feedback from buyers is a great way to sell more products. To increase your chances of getting positive feedback and protect yourself from buyer scams, we have a few tips:

  • Take Great Pictures
    • Great pictures are one of the easiest ways to sell products. The better the quality and lighting the more appealing your products will look.
  • Good Communication
    • Communicating is an essential skill to keep buyers happy. This means giving detailed and quick responses. When a buyer purchases your item, we recommend sending them a quick message letting them know when you plan to ship it.
  • Provide Detailed Description
    • Thorough descriptions of products help the buyer know exactly what to expect from your item and help establish credibility as a seller.
  • Fast Shipping
    • Buyers appreciate quick shipping, and this will significantly help your feedback as a seller. If shipping is delayed for any reason please let your buyer know.
  • Keep negotiations on PC swaps
    • If negotiations are taken off PC swaps, we will not be able to provide any sort of protection to the buyer or seller.

Happy PC swapping!