Amazon Shifts New World Blame to Card Makers


hardwareluxx, a news outlet, received a statement from Amazon in response to issues with GPUs and their game New World. The organization stated that the issue was not on their end, but instead on the manufacturer side. What is interesting is that other games have not caused this issue at any point yet. Amazon cited poor build quality on certain graphics cards as well. 

At the moment, it appears that early models of 30 series cards may be the ones with the most issues. There have been other issues when the 3090 and 3080 were released, including the poscaps issue. This was where cards had power filtering issues and forced Nvidia to create an update that reduced boost frequencies on the GPU to prevent crashing (source).

Possible Explanations

Toms Hardware, a popular technology news outlet, theorized that New World’s engine could have triggered a sequence that allows certain 30 series cards to draw more power than intended. This theory may hold weight, especially because of the fact that Amazon has not been able to replicate it yet. If it were an issue with New World itself, we would see cards across all SKUs and manufacturers having issues.

Actually Hardware Overclocking, a Youtube channel, covered this topic and found that their Gigabyte RTX 3090 Vision died while playing New World thanks to a faulty power stage. Once the bad power stage was disconnected, the card started working normally again.

We have not found coverage yet relating to the possibility that a certain manufacturer may be the culprit, and we may even find that this is a driver-level issue after all.


Do you own a 30 series GPU? If so, do not worry. Card manufacturers have been replacing cards impacted by this issue. Only time will tell what this issue will be, and who will truly be at fault. Thank you very much for reading this article!

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