The newest shortage: DDR5 Memory


Since the launch of DDR5 memory, they have been a rare find because of the demand and supply-side issues. The newest memory has been selling at premium prices whenever it is in stock. Manufacturing is hurt by shortages of materials needed. Tom’s Hardware reports that the main reason DDR5 production is having issues is because of power management ICs (PMCIs). These are new for the latest generation of memory, bringing the PMCIs on-module.



DDR5 memory dies themselves are not the issue, thankfully. The RAM has been introduced by major brands at retailers such as Newegg and Amazon. Finding any in stock, however, is proving to be a challenge. One of the issues is that the number of PMIC suppliers is small. The models with validation by Intel are created from a single manufacturer. Other companies do create them, such as IDT and Texas Instruments. The price of these components rose due to the shortage, even up to 10x original pricing for DDr4 memory components.

Supply-side Issues

For PC gamers, in-demand items being out of stock is nothing new. With increased demand for products during the pandemic, as well as increased interest in crypto, many products have been out of stock for months. This includes, but is not limited to, the latest generation of graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD.


It is hard to tell whether the pandemic and increased shipping and logistical issues have played a part in the shortage of DDR5. With the cycle of procuring these new components is 35 weeks, and it is likely that shortages will continue for the immediate future because of this.

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